May 23, 2014


Last night was not a night to cook. It was a night to experiment, it was a night to be lazy, it was a night to be fat. Quick, easy, delicious (mostly), fresh, that is what we were going for. After a not so quick trip to the grocery store turned into one of the most expensive not so quick trips to the grocery store ever, we had our supplies. The majority of it - CHEESE!!! Om nom nom. With the expansive cheese section in Wegmans, I must admit, we went a little crazy.

The bottom left is a cheese made from buffalo milk, might I suggest you lick the bottom of a homeless person's foot instead of eating this cheese? It will be cheaper and taste about the same.

The bottom right white cheese, was alright on a piece of bread; however, it was growing a beard and you had to cut through it to get to the very creamy, salty center.

The top right cheese was life changing. It was like a stick of butter with the consistency of cheese.

The cheese under the butter cheese, is a smoked gouda. **Dad Joke Alert - It was super gouda**

Like I said, last night was fat night. We also decided to sample the olive bar at Wegmans, by sample I mean I ate two of them and we put the rest away for this weekend. We are going to a pizza and martini gathering on Sunday though, these olives will be making an appearance.

We needed something edible in case our cheese experiment failed, so we grabbed some nigiri and one roll to off set our meal of fat. It was yellow tail, salmon, eel, tuna, and shrimp.

Ahhh, the only thing I actually made last night. It was quite amazing, if I do say so myself.
Caprese salad Ingredients:
1 tomato
1 fresh ball of mozzarella
a handful of fresh basil leaves
Balsamic vinegar
olive oil
salt to taste

Chop the basil, mozzarella, and tomato. Toss in about 3 Tbsps of Olive Oil, douse in Balsamic vinegar, and add salt to taste. I love this salad, it is a go-to in the warm months. It is so refreshing and smells so terrific with the fresh basil.

We had some tzatziki sauce for the pita chips, but it wasn't really a winner in my opinion.

We were quite proud of our spread last night and sat watching GoT while stuffing cheese down our gullets, it was a nice change up from regular dinner but we did go a little overboard. We have cheese and crackers left for days.

~ Enjoy!