June 5, 2014

Chhhwwwahhhhsaaant Grilled Cheese

So I've been busy shacking up this week, man has it been fun living in sin. We've made some good food this week at my house, but it has all been about convenience and time. Here in McVittlesville we have this terrific local farm that is also a grocery store. They stock mostly locally grown items, their chickens that they raise, local cheese, etc. The place is called Richardson's Farm, if you are ever in the McVittlesville area, I suggest you go for lunch and get their chicken box with the macaroni & cheese, cornbread, and green beans for sides. It is a make-you-feel-good lunch because it is cheap, it is made fresh at the farm, the chickens came from the farm, and you can sit in this great little (gigantic) green house to eat it. Well at this heavenly little place, they also have a bakery.

While grocery shopping, well technically grocery shopping... that label could be disputed because I think I may have bought more candy, baked goods, and dips than I did actual produce. Anyways, while I was "grocery shopping" I found the most delicious looking Chhhwwwahhhhsaaant (croissants for those less cultured) that I have ever seen in my life in the United States (only have I seen more beautiful in Paris). They were so soft, so buttery, so flaky!!! My mouth instantly started spilling drool. I couldn't even help it! I had to have these chhhwwwahhhhsaaants. So I bought two of them and had intended to have them for breakfast the next day... but like most things that go into my pantry, they go in there to die.

The next day I was in near crisis mode that my perfect chhhwwwahhhhsaaants were going to be stale, we had to use them IMMEDIATELY or I might have possibly died from wasting these beautifully perfect creations. I got creative and decided to make some grilled cheese sandwiches with them. Ermahgerd, grrruurrrlled churrrse. :)

chhhwwwahhhhsaaants (2)
1 avocado
sliced turkey
cheese (we used smoked cheddar from a local dairy farm called Keyes)

Spread mayonnaise (NOT Miracle Whip, everyone knows that Miracle Whip is made from the semen of aYeti and often has Yeti hair in it. Don't eat that junk, don't taint your body with yeti sperm!) on the inside of the chhhwwwahhhhsaaant very lightly, lay face down on a hot griddle.

While the inside of the chhhwwwahhhhsaaant is grilling, take a few slices of turkey (and one piece of ham if you run out of turkey) and some cheese and layer them in the pan so the cheese will melt between the meat and not into your pan. Everyone loves smoked meats, right?

At this point, your chhhwwwahhhhsaaant is toasted on the inside. Don't toast the outside, we want to preserve the buttery, flaky outside for the mind altering experience later.

While waiting for the meat to cook, have a handsome man cut avocados for you. This is obviously the best part of the recipe, as I thoroughly enjoy watching a good looking man cook.

Oh man, look at those avocado slices!!!He's as cute as he is talented.

In case you did not already know this, let me give you a Pro tip: EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH AVOCADO. You're welcome. I know, I know, you can thank me with a piece of pie later.

After your meat has browned a little on the outside and melted the cheese inside, stack it on your grilled chhhwwwahhhhsaaant, spread some avocado on top, and VOILA!

A delicious grilled cheese sandwich that will not only make you feel cultured because of the way you say chhhwwwahhhhsaaant, but will also make you feel good because of the flaky, buttery top that melts in your mouth and makes you think that dreams really do come true.