August 13, 2014

Fish Tacos

Over the weekend I participated in Operation Stay Busy for Four Months in the Outer Banks. While there, my friend and I went to The Atlantic Coast Cafe in Rodanthe, North Carolina. They are known for their fish tacos. Normally, I am not a fish taco kind of girl; however, when you go to a restaurant that is known for one dish, you get that dish. So we both got the fish tacos. I am happy to report that these fish tacos were some of the best things I have ever put down my gullet. They were extremely pricey for what they were ($13) but they were worth it after the fact. Since I will not be back to the Outer Banks until next year, I figured I would try to replicate these tacos.

My ingredients:
1 package of flour tortillas in fajita size
1 package of hard taco shells
2 pieces of cod
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup corn meal
1 egg
1 bag packaged cole slaw
Sour cream
Pico de gallo
Vegetable Oil for frying

A lot of this stuff can be made at home instead of store bought, which would have been my preference but I didn't have the time. 

 Whisk your egg until frothy. 

Combine your flour and cornmeal in a bowl. 

I added 1.5 teaspoons of this seafood seasoning to my cornmeal and flour mix to give the fish more flavor. 

Get out your sharpest knife. My Captain Baby Doodle would have been so proud of me for sharpening my knife before I cut the fish.

Filet your fish into small rectangles. About 2.5 inches by 1.5 inch. Approximately, of course. This shit is not science... or is it? Has that been my problem all along? Perspective?

First cover the piece of fish in the whipped egg, then dredge it through your flour mixture to lightly coat it. 

 Now let me tell you a secret about me that you probably do not know and I did not know until a few months ago. Ready?? I am a mother fucking Boss when it comes to frying shit! Once I discovered (with help) that it is all about oil temperature (naturally, I wing that shit), I have been extremely successful in frying things.

So I just took a frying pan, filled it a little over half way with vegetable oil (enough to cover the fish completely) and turned my stove on 7. That is 7 out of 10. I fried the cod for 6 minutes once my oil was heated.
 Take a hard taco shell and put sour cream inside it. Yes, sour cream is a necessity for this recipe. Fish tacos are bland normally, you must dress them up. Put the hard shell taco inside the fajita wrap so it can catch everything falling out... and put some dry cole slaw in the shell.

Fish goes next. 

 Slather - seriously, I mean slather pico de gallo all over that thing!

Ta Da! Look what I can do! I can make fish tacos that do not, I repeat DO NOT taste like Atlantic Coast Cafe. Son of a bitch!!! Just kidding. They were actually really good when I put the salsa on top of the pico de gallo. They needed to be a little more wet, they were just a little too dry before the salsa... so that is why it is in my recipe. 

~ Enjoy!